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Tovværksarbejde: Tyrkisk knob, måtter og besnøringer.
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Tovværksarbejde - Ropeworks

Her kommer en kort præsentation af lidt tovværksarbejde.

Here I show a short presentation of rope-works and knotting.

T-shaped Turks head

See more picts at:

Tyrkisk knob


This is in the process of T-Turks head. This is an completely new sort of ropeworks, for me - but not impossible. I follow the good advice in Ashleys Book of Knots.

TH is 5 B x 6 leads + a small TH 4 B x 3 Leads built together.

Is goes 4 times around.

It´s made from 2 strings.

The steering wheel was not looking too good, so i tried out this way to wrap it.

For fun and to protech the fiberglass where we often handle an small anchot on the foredeck.

Chafe-protection where we usually handle the anchor.

Chafe-mat for the padlock for the wire-lock.



Double loop Square Sinnet Ashley #2879

This will be fine for an improvised long fenderrope.

In emergency you may just pull it open, and you have 30 m. of good rope extra.

This is made from 11 mm climbing rope - so it gets a bit heavy.

Fender from Turks head made in PP.

Heavy enough not to fly around, and still it does float.






Hublot King Power Replica




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